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2019    Sherman Library

            Sherman, CT

2017    Arts on the Lake           

            Carmel, NY

2011   The Duffy Gallery
           New Milford, CT

2010   Clark Muñoz Gallery

           Princeton, NJ

2010   Rosie Gallery
           New Canaan, CT

2009   (solo show) The Kent Library
            Kent, NY

2009   Arts on the Lake
           Carmel, NY

2008   Arts on the Lake
           Carmel, NY

2007  (solo show) The Duffy Gallery
           New Milford, CT

2007   The Art Students League Concours        
           New York, New York

2005   Open Center Gallery
           New York, New York

2001   The New York Studio School 
           Annual Benefit Show 
           New York, New York 

2000   The New York Studio School 
           Annual Benefit Show
           New York, New York 

2000   The Duffy Gallery
           New Milford, CT


Dalia studied painting at The New York Studio School and The Art Students League of New York where she was a Blue Dot award winner. She also holds a degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton University.


When she's not painting, she does Digital Product Development. Details here: 


While my portfolio demonstrates experimentation with style and subject matter, the majority of my paintings explore the following elements:

1.The Mark
2.The Grid (based on the Fibonacci sequence)
3.Counterpoint between the Mark and the Grid

To me, a brush or charcoal mark consists of three unique parts: initial contact with the canvas, an expressive continuation of the stroke along the canvas surface, and the gesture used to complete it. While each mark has its own identity, taken together these marks create harmonies that play off each other like the voices in a Bach fugue or other counterpoint composition.
My marks are also generated in response to the structure of grids derived from the Fibonacci sequence. 

I began making grid paintings to explore the potential for interaction between organic, intuitive marks and natures own mathematical structures. My goal is to create a series of environments that embody the interplay between mathematical structure and the freedom of personal, natural expression.


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